Baking Kits

Cake and Cupcake Baking kits now available from Big Day Cakes!

Delicious genoese sponge cake mixes in either a dark devil's chocolate or a light golden sponge make a delicious cake or set of cupcakes.  Perfect to give as a gift, or use for a delicious home-baked cake for your next party.  Why not add a personalised cake topper for the ultimate show stopper celebration.

Cupcake Baking Kits

Scrummy Chocolate Cupcake Baking Kit | Yummy Golden Cupcake Baking Kit 

Cake Baking Kits

Golden Genoese Sponge Cake Baking Kit | Dark Devil's Chocolate Sponge Cake Baking Kit


All you need to do is add a little oil and water to the mix.  Full instructions are provided for a perfect bake!